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so not much going on lately just trying to figure out this crazy weather that we are having. one day it is cold and the next it is hot. really wish it would make up its mind and fast.

since I last posted I have signed up as a rep for the company Jewelry In Candles. if you are facebook check out my fb page and like (, I also have an event going on that I have some contest to give away free products to the winner. just to let you know you might be seeing a couple post about it (me posting pictures and all).

christine and monjoor

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So I have been busy with girl scouts and boy scouts this last month. Lubaba is selling her cookies and is more then half way to her goal now. She wanted to sell 200 boxes and so far she has sold 163 boxes.

And johnathon has his pine wood derby for boy scouts this week. And we have our court date for his adoption on Thursday as well. So I am going to be very busy or feels like

off to do some stuff since I will have a house full tomorrow with no school

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Happy new Year

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finally got a letter from the lawyer about johnathon's adoption. we have a court date set for January 22 (but the lady that was typing it up must be out of it, she made a lot of mistakes in the letter) she put down the court date is 1-22-2013 ( I am guessing she means 2014) and then she has down we want johnathons name a Benjamin Johnathon Anthony Charles Ouellet, ( don't know where she got the name Benjamin from) and then she keeps misspelling my name as well. so I am going to be calling them to make sure that everything is correct before I sign the paper they sent with
christine and monjoor

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Looks like laiba is sick. Not sure from what and all. Since driving back she has gotten sick 3 times, 2 of which where in the car and 1 at cracker barrel. I am hoping she gets over what ever it is that she has since she has an appt with the dentist tomorrow afternoon.

Monjoor does not seem to care that she is sick and that she has not peed since 700am (Virginia time). It had been over 7 hrs now. Might have to take her to tue dr and see what is going on with her and all

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