Christine (kansasmom) wrote,

alrightly, yesterday i fell asleep and forgot to pick johnathon up from school ( i am such a bad mom) it was not like i was really late getting him ( he gets out at 352 and it was 415 when i got to the school to get him ( i heard the phone and it was a little after 400), one of the many reasons i really hate working at night i really have a hard time staying awake durning the day so that i can get johnathon from school and all. johnathon told me that he was a little upset that i forgot him but was over it when i got their.

on another note i am tired of getting the 20 questions from people each and every time i go out. I bet you are all wonder what the heck i am talking about, so is a little info. All of you if not most of you know that my hubby is from Bangaldesh and all, well when we got married my sister in laws sent me a lot of their everyday outfits ( we have bought a couple as well over the yrs) and i wear them like all the time ( they are really comfy and all). SO anyways each and every time i wear one i get the 20 questions from people ( mostly from other Islamic's) as in were i got/bought my outfit, oh it is a really nice outfit, i then inform them i got them from my hubbys family. then it goes in to oh were is he from, is he from India, etc, and all, i then in turn have to tell no, he is from Bangaldesh and that is were i get some odd looks and all. I gotten use to it but i really hate when people come up to me and ask me this all the time. Like today i was asked this when i took lubaba out to eat at McD ( right down the road from the house), when i went back up to get the food i had like 3-5 other people looking at me ( all of them were McD workers). I should get use to this since St.Louis has a lot of Islamic's here and run in to them all the time ( well i am not, i really dont like having people looking at me). Hell i had the same thing happen to me when we were visiting my in laws back in Jan ( we went out to this theme park, and while we were their people were trying to take my picture) if we did not have the army personal with us ( my brother in laws make some army personal sort of watch over us) alright got to go and get the monkeys in bed now

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