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so i forgot to tell you all that at some point in the last wk i messed up my right knee and i dont even know how i did it. I am think i hit it on something at work ( and i must have hit it hard, really hard), pulled something, or twisted something. I was in so much pain i was really to scream bloody murder, it hurt to walk, stand, bend down or to get on my knees, and forget about putting pressure on it. when i looked at my right knee i could tell it was about 2x its normal size. then it started to feel like it was on fire ( that is how it felt to me.) well when i was at the chiropractor i had her take a look at it and she could not find anything that would cause it to act up. she said all the muscles and that good stuff was all place, nothing was pulled or twisted. she thinks that i might have moved wrong and that is what caused it. But it looks like i am going to ask my dr, dr next wk and see what she thinks it might be.  It was starting to feel better yesterday and now it starting to hurt and feel like it is on fire again. it only hurts on the right side of my knee.

I dont have anything else to up date on at the moment.  i am pretty boring at the moment. and it looks like i might not be one for the next couple of days since i am going to be working some major over time at work due to not having a second shift person. oh well the extra money will be nice, we could use it to pay off some of our bills.

Keep an eye out in the next couple of days i will be posting our Christmas pictures. we are going tomorrow to get them done. monjoor did not give me a whole of time to figure out what we are all going to wear in the pictures. i think i am going to put Lubaba in the outfit she got from Nancy ( one of my sister in laws) for her bday, Johnathon i think i am going to put him in one of the suits we got when we where in Bangaldesh minus the jacket. i think he will be ok in the pants and the shirt. I am not sure what the heck i am going to wear, i might wear one of the outfits i got from Bangaldesh as well but i will see. I am thinking of the orange dress ( the one in my icon) but i am not sure. I might just wear a pair of jeans and one of the tops i have but i am not sure. I would wear my blue dress but i already have some pictures with me in it.

well i guess that is it for now. off go do some cleaning before my two days are up and over with before i even know it.

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