January 7th, 2013


(no subject)

so it looks like i might be watching 3 more kids now, but i am still not sure. i had one of the lady over yesterday to meet me with her husband and her 2 kids and she was really nice. her kids loved over at the house since we have so many toys and stuff to play with. from what i can tell they are pretty much in need of someone right away since their old sitter is moving come the 1st. and the other lady i talked to was her friend who was also looking for someone to watch her son. i will be meeting with her on thursday or so. if those pan out then that will be all i can take with out getting in trouble with the state out here, and if i feel it is something i want to keep doing then i might think about getting my state cert and that for the home daycare. but will have to talk to monjoor more on that one as well.

I told monjoor with this extra money we should really be able to pay some bills down or off all together now, heck i did make a good amount this yr from just watching the 3 i already have( out of the 3 one is only here on the weekends).

kids are doing good. we should find out next week if they passed their karate test and all, i really hope lubaba passed this time.cause the last time she got a little upset when she did not get her belt.

laiba is now walking all the time and all over the place, half the time she is trying to run as well as well as walk.

ok i think i will get off here for now, it is looking like laiba has had enough of her lunch and wants her bath