January 14th, 2013


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well got a knock at the door this morning that i was so not excepting at all. on the other side of the door was the ballwin Police. what to take a guess as to why? well turns out someone broke in to the truck and cut open the top driver side tire( i am talking about a BIG ASS cut). and what makes it worse is they tires where brand news one we just put on it last week. we got lucky nothing was missing from the truck as far as well can tell. but we where not the only one whose car was "hit", ballwin said they found about 3-4 other cars that where hit and they where checking the whole subdivison to make sure no one else was hit.

so now we have go and get another new tire for the truck. sucks big time.

ok i am off since i need to get ready for my appt with my dr