January 19th, 2013

christine and monjoor

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Lubaba is still in some pain, but she is doing better each time. She has gotten up to walk a couple of times since last night. Which is something they want her to do, so that everything start to wake up again and all. They have been asking her if she has started to pass gas (a sign that every is awake and function correctly), she just to burp and all. That was inly after she walked to the playroom and played a little wii.

Still waiting on the dr to come in and check on her this morning si we can get her some food (wellnot real food), going to start her on clear liquid when the dr gives her the ok. Then it is pretty much a diet of liquid s for a couple of days then she can start real food again.

Ok I off since she wants me to color and watch movies with her.

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