March 14th, 2013

christine and monjoor

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Last night I got the scare of my live. Laiba fell down the flight of stairs to the basement. And yes I did have the baby gate closed, but I can give you all one guess which certain person opened it up so that laiba could have gotten on the stairs. Only reason I know it was said person cause I seen her tell me when the gate was open and she closed it as welk as tell me that laiba was on the stairs one time. So for her not to say anything about the gate being open or the fact laiba was in the stairs does not make since to me. As so the fact she did not say anything when laiba started to fall down, she pretty much just stood their. Both johnathin and myself knew something did not sound right when we heard the the falling sound going down the stairs. I knew then that laiba was down the stairs.So when I asked why she opened the gate she just looked at me and said laiba ooened it all by her self. Come on now I know laiba is tall but she is not that tall. The baby gate I have you have ti oush down on the top as welk as squeeze 2 buttons on the side at the sametime to open. I know laiba does not know how to do that yet, but I do know that she does know how to open the gate cause I watch her open it when she would come up frim the basement when she was done playing. So at the end of the night I did let her mom know what happened with out saying she did it but mom pretty much knew she was the onr who opened it.

Ok I am off to see what laiba wants to do know

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