March 19th, 2013

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so my so called lj friends tried to tell me that by having lubaba at 39wks she was only really 37wks develop and that is the reason for all her issues that she has in speech and fine motor skills. if that was the case my dr would have not let me have her at 39wks, now this was 7yrs ago that i had her. she even when on to tell me that by having laiba at 40wks (38wks according to her) that i am putting her at risk of having the same issues as lubaba has. and that by having johnathon at 42 wks(40wks by her standers) he was a prefectly healthly baby. which is not so true, since he ended up having a lot of issues at birth do to being over due by 2wks.

so in the end she ended up removing me from her freinds list and all. oh well her lose as i see and say it, in the end she will find out that what the truth and what was not the truth.