July 11th, 2013

christine bear

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sorry I have not been on much later or updating a lot. I have just been very busy with a lot of stuff.

took the kids to my moms for the 4th and they had a blast. johnathon is staying at my moms till the end of the month and all. going to be somewhat nice that I only have 2 of the 3 kids here, plus he loves going to my moms as well. lubaba would have been at my moms as well but she has a bday party to go to so she wanted to come back home.

in other news I remodeling the kitchen (well I am not the one doing it). we are having the old crappy wood paneling removed from all the walls, having the walls painted, new floor putting down, new baseboards, and a new chair rail going up. will post some pix of the work as it gets done. so far we have the old floor removed, walls painted and that is it.

ok I am off to get a few things done, mostly cleaning the dishes since I will not be able to get it done once the guys are here,

I leave you with some pix of the work being done
what the walls looked like before (the wood panel)

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