November 4th, 2013

christine and monjoor

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Think it is so funny my mom tells tme that my brother mikey had to use a truck and a trailer to move just baby bella stuff. Cause auntie christine has sent to much stuff. He said it is cause I was spending a package ech week that he had to use 2 things to just her stuff. I know he was just joking and that he really appreciate all the clothes that I have sent since it does help out alot in the same miney department for them. They wont have to buy any clothes for her for at least the first yr maybe 2yrs as I was telling my sister in law I might have bella covered for clothes for the rest of her life at the rate laiba is going out of them laiba is already in 3-4t outfits and she will turn 2 at the end of the month.

Ok I am off to get the kids up for the day

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