Christine (kansasmom) wrote,

for any of my Missouri Moms out their, please read this. spcially if you have ever used or know someone that has use Parents as Teachers or any early childhood centers.

Say NO to Parents as Teachers Budget Cuts!

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon proposed a $4.1 million budget cut as part of his budget plan for the upcoming fiscal year. This 13.2% budget cut comes right after the 10% budget cut that the legislature enacted last year. Our Governor needs to hear from Parents as Teachers supporters that this cut is a mistake and he should restore the funding immediately.

Founded in Missouri 25 years ago, Parents as Teachers has become the nation's largest evidence-based home visitation program. In Missouri Parents as Teachers programs serve more than 155,000 children annually across the state from Kennett to St. Joe to Palmyra to Kansas City.

If you support Parents as Teachers, whether you are a current program participant, former program participant or parent educator, please take the time to contact Governor Nixon to express your disappointment with his decision to cut funding for services that support Missouri's families.

Contact the Governor's office NOW - Call toll free or send an e-mail!

Call (888) 880-8233. This toll-free number, which connects directly to the Governor's office, will be available for Parents as Teachers advocates until Wednesday 2/2/2010. Alternatively you can call the Governor's office direclty at 573-751-3222. Keep your call short and to the point:
* Give the receptionist your name and home town
* Identify yourself as a supporter of Parents as Teachers
* Ask that they inform the Governor that you are very disappointed about the $4.1M cut
* Please feel free to add a short personal story
* You do not need to talk to another staff member - leaving a message at the desk is perfect!

Send an e-mail through the Parents as Teachers Action Center Just visit the Parents as Teachers National Center website, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, fill in your email address and other information, follow the prompts and personalize the email to the Governor's office and hit "send".
Please forward this email on to the families that you serve and other Parents as Teachers supporters in your community. It is critically important that Governor Nixon hear from people across the state about the value of Parents as Teachers. The number of people that speak out on behalf of Parents as Teachers makes a real difference! Please make your call or send your email by next Wednesday 2/3/2010.

Thank you on behalf of Missouri's children and families.

Parent as Teachers National Center


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