Christine (kansasmom) wrote,

So att came out to check our line out since are having issues with the phone and net not working. Well come to find out the line is/got cut somewhere between our house and the hub. So they have to come back in the morning to find out where it is cut at so I am not going to be on for the next couple of days it looks like. What I don't understand is how our line got cut since all our lines(cable,phone,etc) are all under ground.

And then when I get to karate class I find out the 98.00 payment per kid never made it to young champions. I made the payment online the day of the first class. I never got an email from them about it either that is why I printed out the page that said the payment was made and brought it with us. I signed the kids up thru their website. So now monjoor gets to call them and "bitch" them out about it as well. Going to check the cc to see if the payment was charged to the card was well. What I don't like is that they waited almost a month before telling us this.

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