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so laiba had here 4 month check up on friday. all went well, she is growing like a weed. she weighs in at 14lbs 4oz, is 27 1/2in long and her head was 17 1/2. it puts her in the 50% for weight and the 75% in lengh and her head.

Her dr wants to try and get her back on to regular formula and see how she handles it. so this week i get to do a trail and she what happens. she got her shots and she has been off every since she got them, all she wants to do is sleep with i know she would do as well.

was told that i need to get her on her tummy more since she has this really flat spot in the back of her head, but that is hard to do when you have a very wiggle one. Laiba hates the tummy and trying to get her on her side is out of the question, since she has figured out how to move around and get off her side. so we broke down and bought her a bumbo chair to see if that helps or not.

the kids are doing good and cant wait for school to get out with for the year.

i guess that is it for now. cant think of anything else at the moment and all
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