Christine (kansasmom) wrote,

man some people overreact over the smallest thing. the comment of going a little overboard about getting rid of all their pots and what not cause they have celiac. cuase from what i have found has said different, said person kept telling me that when heating up your pots opens the spore to let the stuff out, hello washing in the hottest water or on the highest setting in the dishwasher does the samething about opening pores up as well. they even said they found it on the celiac foundation site, well i have search the site since friday and have not found anything about getting rid of your stuff. this is what i have found hell i even replied to their last post on my entry( dont know if they will get it or not) and no where does it say you need to get rid of your stuff, now if you cant trust the celiac foundation that does all kinds of research and support for those who have it then who else can you trust.
Contamination in Food Preparation

When preparing gluten-free foods they must not come in contact with food containing gluten. Contamination can occur if foods are prepared on common surfaces, or with utensils that are not thoroughly cleaned after preparing gluten-containing foods. Using a common toaster for GF bread and regular bread is a major source of contamination. Flour sifters should not be shared with gluten-containing flours. Deep fried foods cooked in oil shared with breaded products should not be consumed. Spreadable condiments in shared containers may also be a source of contamination. When a person dips into a condiment a second time, with the knife (used for spreading), the condiment becomes contaminated with crumbs (e.g. mustard, mayonnaise, jam, peanut butter and margarine).

Wheat flour can stay airborne for many hours in a bakery (or at home) and contaminate exposed preparation surfaces and utensils or uncovered gluten-free products. Likewise, foods not produced in a gluten-free environment have the potential to be contaminated with gluten. This may occur when machinery or equipment is inadequately cleaned after producing gluten-containing foods. Food manufacturers are required to abide by Good Manufacturing Practices outlined in the FDA Code of Federal Regulations to reduce the risk of contamination in manufacturing. Let common sense be your guide.

hell she would have never know that some candy is gluten free if it was not for me doing my research, hell she did not even say thanks for founding that. i notice the day after i posted on fb about the gluten free candy she made a posting saying she just found out by searching that some candy is gluten free. hell i even found more companys then she might have know about that are gluten free. but i dont know cause i have been liking all gluten free companys on their.

and i know some of you might have said person on your lj and i really dont care if you tell them i am talking crap.

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