Christine (kansasmom) wrote,

so i had my appt with my GI dr and he said i did have a confirmed case of celiac disease. and pretty much just told me everything that i had found online. he did tell me that if i was to eat a little gluten that it will not kill me, just dont go over board. as he said if i was to go out to eat and got something that had it in it and i did not know that was ok, but dont sit their eating a whole peice of pizza or a lot of bread.

and what i thought was funny everything i found was/is correct and up to date about celiac, so all the info that my so called friend was posting and saying she got from her dr was all outdated info or false info. as my dr said those are the people that take the news of celiac and just go overboard on the whole thing. he said their was no need to replace any of my kitchen items since washing them will remove any gluten items from them.

he wants me to come back in 6months and have an EGD done to see how my celiac is going, as in if it is healing or getting worse. got that all set up for that as well. as so found out that the local gluten free company out here, the lady that started it was someone he knows as in he treated her all. so that was neat to hear.

not much else going on, got to get the kids ready in a little for trunk or treat as well an EID party we have tonight. going to be a crazy night. then lubaba has her dance class as well as a halloween party so to spreak. so i have to get that as well.

ok i think i am off to go some stuff around that house, and to see if kane is up from his nap yet

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