Christine (kansasmom) wrote,

so yesterday the kids had the yearly check up and all is fine. their was some issues with johnathon that we will have to keep an eye on for now. but other then that they are great.

so the issues with johnathon is that he lost 3ins in his height and the dr is not sure why. she thinks it has to do with the fact that he has one hip that is lower then the other but she is also seeing a cruve in spine so she is thinking that could be it as well. she also see that he is not able to straighten out his shoulders and back when standing up right. and to top it all off johnathon has hit puberty already. so not looking forward to that as well.

lubaba is doing good and nothing was wrong with her.

did talk to the dr about getting the kids testing for celiac disease since i now have it. plus it was something my GI dr and all the celiac sites are saying to do. so that means i need to take them in today if i can(all depends on monjoor), if not i have to wait until i can get them in.

the whole getting the kids tested makes me wonder if my so called friend that removed got her kid tested but know her she did not, since she thinks she knows better. and from what she had said in her last comment it does not sound like she knows what the hell she is doing, cause if she read all the info on sites she claims she visits she would have saw that she needs to get her son tested but from what i can remember she never said anything. on another note she finally removed me from the last of the soical sites we where both on as friends (well not really she deleted all her accounts), but that is her lost still. either way it is not any of my concern if she gets her kid tested or not. but from all that crap she did posted about him having issues you would think she would get him tested since all his issues/problems sound like all the signs of celiac disease. i know some of you are still friends with her so i really dont care if you tell her i am talking shit about her.

ok on to another note need to get all the stuff for are going to need for my moms. got to take a lot more with me then i would normally do this time, she got me taking a fire pit, germany candy/cookies for my sister, the kids scooters (all 4 of them) as well as a list of other things. still need to pack a bag for us as well as getting the van cleaned out so we can use it.

ok, i am off to get johnathon ready for his early morning reading class he has at school

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