Christine (kansasmom) wrote,

someone really needs to knock some sense in to monjoor. he thinks it is normal and nothing wrong with me having to take care of laiba for 12hrs on my own and he gets her for maybe 45mins at the most. i am up with her most days fomr 2am-7pm , i say most cause she sometimes sleeps thru. and he does not see a problem with that, he does not get up with, take her for a couple hrs when he gets home. he would rather stay up to god knows when and then except me/us to let him sleep til noon everyday. yes some of it has to do with some meds he is on (but he does this all the time) and the dr and me told him he has to take his meds around 7pm so that they have time to kick in and work right. but no he would rather take them at 2am and he wonders why he is so sleepy and cant move half the time. i am hoping when his sister comes she puts some sense in to him about helping with laiba, since they will see first hand how he acts all the time

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