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Since yesterday I have been on a major declutter of the house I spent close to 4 hrs cleaning and decluttering the kids rooms. I ended up with simething like 5 bags of trash/broken toys and other things. Went thru all their clothes as well. Now I am feeling like I need to do some more declutting to the house. But half the stuff in the basement monjoor needs to go thru since it involves all the cables electronic stuff that he has been holding on to for yrs. Need to get it all done befor the sisters come in june. I need to go thru the storage room and get rid of stuff that we dont need anymore and get it all cleaned up all well. Need to go thru all the toys downstairs as well. I went thru the ones upstairs already. Then it is time for some major cleaning to get done. Have to clean all the carpets and finish painting the outside of the house as well as some rooms inside. Where will I find the time for all of this.

Ok off to put lauba in the bath she just finished her mashed potatoes and it is all over her

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From: juniperlake(Link)
Date: April 10th, 2013 08:39 pm (UTC)
Sounds like me, sometimes. I feel relieved after decluttering sometimes.
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