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so this morning i had my 6 month follow up appt with my dr, and he was not happy at all about what he saw. he pretty much told me nothing has changed and that i am at the same spot if not a little worse then before. he said that i am still getting gluten somehow (i dont see how since i have stopped eating everything and anything that has it in), unless it is in the tootpaste and other things i use. going to have to go thru everything again and make sure i dont have anything with gluten in it.

i have to go back in 6-9months to be rechecked again. heres to hopping it gets better, since he pretty much told me i risk for cancer has just gone up and out of the roof (not his words but that is what he was getting at). i had to have my #'s checked again and i have to have a bone denisty test done as well. so the joy of having that all done again.

ok i am off to go and recheck things again to make sure their is no gluten stuff in the items i use
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From: godsproject31(Link)
Date: April 30th, 2013 01:30 am (UTC)
What a bummer! I hope you can locate your gluten source
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