Christine (kansasmom) wrote,

i hate hate celiac's with a passion. one of the problems with it is you bruise so freaking easy cause your body has a hard time making vit K. in a way this is a great thing to find out since that explains why i bruise so freaking easy all the time, i can just bump something (doesnt have to be a hard bump) and i will have a bruise in that spot. half the time i dont even know how i get bruised i will start the day with none and by the end of the day i might have 2-3 bruise on my legs( this is where i get them mostly). and what i hate the most they look really bad from the start, they start out as purple/blueish/black and just get worse from their. they dont hurt or anything half the time i am trying to figure out how i got them and from what.

ok i think that is all going to go and clean some more since i just found out my in laws are coming in less then 2 wks now so i need to get a major move on it

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