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Monjoot now calls me and tells me we have to changes our plans once again when his sister comes cause a certain person is acting like a little child. We(as in monjoor and I)can just change our plans at the drop of a hat cause a certain person does not like the plans for the summer. I have already had to change my plans on visiting my mom and informing my daycare parents. Now I have to change them again, sorry it is not going to happen, just looks like me and the kids will not get to spend time with the in laws. Yeah I know u have not seen your mom in a yr but your uncle has not seen his sister in 5yrs. What do you think is more important here letting your uncle spend time with family he had not seen or getting your way cause you dont like the plans.

I am pretty much pissed now cause of it now. More cause they are not thinking of the our people involved in the summer plans

this is what i posted on my fb page pretty much cause i know my in laws and my neice that is causing the problems would see it. not to piss anyone off but cuase i am getting pissed off from it. it first started out with my neice calling up monjoor to bitch about how her mom is going to be spending pretty much all summer here with us and all. well we offered her to come up and spend a week or two with us as well, well that did not fly so well. she pretty much said she can not since she has to take class all summer for the program/dept she is in and she has a job so she cant take off. so you would rather have your mom and sister sit in you apartment all day doing nothing while you and your husband are at school/work, vs coming here and being able to do stuff and have people to talk to as well as go to parties. ok what ever you want. this neice is pretty much a spoiled brat and yes i do mean this she pretty much gets what she wants when she wants it from her mom and dad.

well i am done with all the bull crap for this summer, hell monjoor even pissed me off by not saying anything to his sister about it. he could have at least said well christine cand keep changing her days off or her plans to visit her mom but no he kept his mouth shut. so i have no clue what we are going to do.

ok i am off to go and clean some more since i have 2 new kids i will be starting to watch come next week.
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I am a mom to two little ones Johnathon 7 (10/7/02) and Lubaba 4 (10/19/05). My husband is from Bangladesh, his name is Monjoor and it is a little hard for us.I am 30 yrs old (7/23/79), i guess that does not really tell that much about myself, i am a very shy person when it comes to meeting new people in person or in a group i always feel like i dont belong or that i am being judged about something.I get the feeling sometimes that people are a little sacred of me, just because of the way i act and how i can come off to people when we frist meet.Oh well i would rather you be sacred of me in the end. i tend to be a little more open on the internet then i would be in real life. I have been married once before and my son is the one good thing that came out of it.
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