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Sorry I have not postedbin a while have been cleaning none stop since monjoors sister is coming. And I have been extra busy I had 2 new kids to watch last mont. Now I wont be as busy since they went off to camp and I have my regular ones.

I am a little pissed with my neice she is pulling her crap once again about her mom coming ang staying with us. Looks like we will she her for maybe a week the whole time they are here. Which sucks but that is what happens when you are a spoiled brat and get what you want all the. Like this for example monjoor was ti be back yesterday but daid neice fit the need to take her mom and sister to the zoo know her uncle wanted to leave at 6pm so that th we they could not pack their stuff. In top of it she waits til he is their to start taking them places knowing that he has to leave on sunday.

So if you cant tell I am pissed as hell. And it doesnt help monjoor will not say shit to them. I am so not looking forward to this visit at all now

Got to go and clean more

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