Christine (kansasmom) wrote,

So I get a call from the school about johnathon. His socials studies teacher calls to tell me that he is over a week late turning in a project that is half of his grade in the class. I am so mad now. But I keep getting thw feeling she was blaming me as well for not "checking his floders" I check them everyday and his planner as to what has to be done. Alot of the time I cant read what he reads cause of his writing problems. But I know for a fact I never saw a package about having to do a report on anyone at all.

So it now looks like he will be spending the week getting that done and he is not going tick or treat. Since hr also lied to his teacher about having it turned in and done.

I have no clue what I am going to do now since they teacher is making it out to be my fault cause I cant teach him not to lie. This only started this yr had no issue the last 4 yrs so in don't know anymore

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