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Welcome to my Fairy World

Fairies are real so is my world

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23 July 1979
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A little about my self.I am a mom to 3 kids, Johnathon 10 (2002) who is very active in karate has been in it since he was in kindergarden he is a blue/white belt. he is also very much like me very shy when it comes to meeting new peopl. Lubaba 7 (2005), is in to karate like her brother and just got her green belt, she also just joined girls scouts for the first time. she is very out going and makes friends with every one and anyone, pretty much everyone loves her at first glace. Lubaba also has some speech delays/impairment ( she has a hard time saying certain letters and making the sounds)as well as some occupational therapy needs that we have to work on. I am very lucky the school offers all of her needs so that i dont have to take her anywhere else for them. and the newest member 10 month Laiba (2011), what can i say about her, she is very active and in to everything and anything she can get. she is just now starting to talk and is trying to walk on her own. My husband is from Bangladesh, his name is Monjoor and it is a little hard for us.I am 33 yrs old (1979), i guess that does not really tell that much about myself, i am a very shy person when it comes to meeting new people in person or in a group i always feel like i dont belong or that i am being judged about something.I get the feeling sometimes that people are a little sacred of me, just because of the way i act and how i can come off to people when we frist meet.Oh well i would rather you be sacred of me in the end. i tend to be a little more open on the internet then i would be in real life. I have been married once before and my son is the one good thing that came out of it.

In my spear time if i have any, i try to cross stitch or try to finish one of the may different ones that i have started and never finished,i love to scrapbook when i get the chance but at the moment that is hard to come by. I also love to make my own candles( i am still just learning how to make them) but i still love to do it, how else i am i going to learn. I love to travel when i get a chance, and i plan to make it a mission of mine to meet all if not some of my lj friends in person at least once if i can.I am open to meeting all kinds of new people :).

I just recently found out i have Celiac Disease. for those who have no clue what that is, it pretty much means my body can not handle any kind of gluten. the gluten is pretty much making me sick so i now have to go on a gluten free diet for the rest of my live, to make sure my risk of getting sick or anything form of cancer stays very low.
Feel free to ask me anything, i am open to any and all kinds of questions that people have. So if you want to know more about me ask or freind me and see what you think.

I am a SAHM for the time being do to personal and medical reasons. i just found out back in Nov/Dec 2010 that i have really bad arthritis in my back and i have a couple messed up disks as well in the back. and due to this i am not able to work and i am pretty much limited to what i can do for work.i really love being a stay at home mom but i also miss working was well, but my well being is more important to me then causing more damage to my back or my health in the end. I have started my own home daycare (babysitting) to help keep me busy now that my 2 older ones are in school.

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